Software Audits


Benefits of using JDI Computer Services

When external auditors challenge your software usage it can be challenging time, but having experienced consultants working alongside you to simplify and manage the auditors makes for a less worrying situation.   

Our team have worked with some of the largest global software publishers and negotiated commercial settlements which are fair, not one-sided, and allows the publisher / customer relationship to continue untarnished.   

Our team protects your companies interests while allowing you to keep control of the ongoing audit situation.


Preparation and validation of the data that you require to share with the auditors is key to getting a fair settlement, we ensure that the data is factually correct, the hardware configurations are validated and present the data in line with the auditor’s requirements.   

We analyse procurement (entitlement) data against the actual usage to ensure everything is understood and included in the overall picture.   

Presenting inaccurate manual data or not knowing about something causes problems later in the process.


Once the publisher has issued their initial report, we verify their findings and ensure that they have not inappropriately charged or miscalculated. Where inaccuracies are highlighted, we manage the amendment cycle to ensure that the final calculations are correct and fair.   

Where the publisher is charging for software and you can illustrate you have not derived commercial benefit then we work with the publisher to mitigate this from any final settlements.   

Our team understand all different hardware topologies and ensure whether you are hosted in the cloud, use local physical or virtual servers that the publishers’ assumptions reflects reality and is not open to ambiguity.


Once a commercial settlement is produced by the publisher, we strive to minimize the potential costs by validating the exposure periods and reducing the compliance period being presented.   

We ensure that the commercial settlement includes the correct license types to meet your business requirements, rather than the more expensive standard license types. We look at mitigating costs by trading in spare licenses in line with contractual terms and conditions.   

Where possible we negotiate on a ‘full and final settlement’ basis to ensure future audits don’t go over the same ground again.

Legal Work

We work under ‘legal privilege’ with your legal counsel to ensure that all the correct steps are taken to protect your business reputation. Our team deliver the right knowledge, the right information and the right expertise to ensure that your legal representatives have the full picture at their fingertips. Where required our team prepare and deliver defence data in preparation of any legal court action taken by the publisher.


Once an audit has been completed then there is a ‘lessons learnt’ process every customer must go through. We advise on any required modification to your internal processes and procedures. We give tuition to your staff in all aspects of any changes that you wish to implement.   

After an audit if you can prove that your company has changed its approach because of ‘lessons learnt’ and demonstrate these to the publisher then it reduces the risk of future audits.   

Lessons learnt from one audit can be rolled out across the whole company to reduce risks from other or repeated publisher audits.

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